Как живет Норвегия
Норвегия занимает первое место в мире по уровню жизни – это преподносят. А что скрывают?

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Neuro-Invasive Nanobot Takeover


daugiau: http://lissakr11humane.com/2013/03/19/nanogate-2011-florida/

NANOGATE 2011 Florida


NANOGATE: Neuro-Invasion Nanobot Takeover


The description below is correct, however as  a victim of a political slow-no-touch-torture-assaination this victim knows this is used by criminally-insane, sadistic, denomic torturing murderers who absolutely no oversight for personal vendettas to silence TIs  and political paybacks (evil wicked times). There is also a worldwide genocide occurring using the combination of Low-Lying Laser driven Chemrails and Nanobots. Nanobots are shot down into or on the victim’s body or in the form of Goo spread on their clothing and or in their homes, yet generally dropped by a passing pilot as they swoop over your home with law enforcement, DOD, FBI, SBI (state-sponsored terrorism) and NSA for their joyful ENDGAME which is EVIL MONEY and the destruction of the Targeted Individual.


They make damn good money and apparently answer to no one, any longer.

Those that commit these treasonous acts are pure unadultred-souless – demented evil self-worshippers completely void of conscious, with the exception of being self-consciousbale. The Nanobots they push, their BigPharma Biotech (Right-Wing KKK CIA Nazi-Loving Extremists, with the aide of their left-wing thieving souless cretons) are used to move a victim’s body around like its nothing more than a ragdoll and to ‘FIND THEM and FRY THEM’ quoting recent high-ranking ex-NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake.

[See Videos below]

[See Nation of Traitors & Smith’s Fields of Shame Smithfield Johnston Co., NC]

[See Creed vs Greed: Corruption of Bethlehem Steel]

Soon to come: Corruption in the NIH Biotech Medical Field w/the FBI & HDS’s help.

Keep this in mind, spread — share with all:

This is not good–it”s truly wicked times we’re in because of they and the evil cabel since JFK’s murder.

Red Squad tactics are underway bringing decent, intelligent American’s in the US into their deadly sick-fun moneymaking schemes till the TI becomes too sick, broken. Their mission: To make big–money on a victim (Targeted Individual) while they use them for sick medical and scientific and military NSA research. They combine the use of Chemtrails that are filled with Morgellons and Nanobots that connect a TIs nervous system growing throughout their nerve endings connecting. This is what a TI feels, after they strike them with lasers and microwaves 24/7.


Thomas Drake, NSA whistleblower on charges of espionage: Dissent has become mark of a traitor

‘After 9/11 NSA had secret deal with White House’ Trail Blazer ‘Find um and Fry um’ for BUSH/CHENEY 911 Q-Team. Think of what this could do for a huge corporation and their legal representatives (1 of 10 tep law firms) w/DC ties to rob a widow of millions (Lissa).



K‘Pranas Kaponė – "gal esu netobulas, o gal vertas daugiau nei tobulybės..." 1:33 PM 5/31/2011 - aš tik jums truputi padėsiu… jūs patys suprasit ir pamatysit save…
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